saranghaeyos: sleeping with a bra on is uncomfy af and if anyone has a problem with seeing nipples THROUGH A SHIRT then they are immature and you shouldn't even be pressed about it :) be comfy and let them be free darling

IT IS UNCOMFY AF and you’re right lol thank you i’ll just let them be free hopefully my roommates will be chill with it lmao

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sullis: Omg you really shouldn't worry about wearing a bra when sleeping even if you have a roommate!! Sucks that women's boobs are so fucking sexualized smh

it really does suck man what is even different about a girl’s chest versus a guy’s chest is it the fact that they have more fat is it the fact that they can produce milk??? the world will never know

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Anonymous: but then again i am a guy so i dont have boobs...

well in that case oh…lucky you

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Anonymous: the joys of not worrying about bras when sleeping


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ZE:A Lee Hoo


I’m actually pretty sad by the fact I haven’t seen this on my dash more than once. Everyone seems to be ignorant of the situation, or has chosen to ignore it. Yet, if it were an EXO member doing this, a kpop blogger’s dash would be exploding with news, support, and awareness. But because this is a group that is small, is not as big as other groups, and there are little translators for them, most of us don’t even know what’s going on.

ZE:A’s leader, Lee Hoo (Junyoung) is tweeting and revealing the corruptions of his company and the truth of the entertainment industry. Guys, there is actually someone, who is already in a group, finally taking a direct stand towards their shitty company. He is slowly revealing the poor treatment on his members and himself, his cruel CEO that has abused them, and their money situation. While AllKpop isn’t the best site, at least there are clear translations of his tweets here. Also here. Lee Hoo left to meet with his CEO and settle matters.

We’re all aware of the cruelty of the kpop industry. We all know of SM’s infamous treatment to their employees. ZE:A’s company is a small company. Imagine how big companies are, with more money to use to cover stories. Lee Hoo has revealed their money arrangement was 70:30. 70% for the company, 30% for them. If the group earns one million KRW, the CEO takes 700,000, and ZE:A takes 300,000. Thing is, ZE:A has nine members. They have to split the 300,000 over and over to the nine members. EXO has twelve members. Super Junior has more. Even if they make more money, they still have the split the money, give most of it to the company, and work even harder to get more. There’s a reason why Hangeng and Kris left (actually, one reason out of many).

"They signed up for this! They should suck it up!" "They make plenty of money, they’re just greedy." "There’s no proof that the company actually abuses them." I can’t tell you how much I’m frustrated by these words. Look! A k-pop member is exposing it all on his official SNS. How much more proof do you need? Lee Hoo even says that after they sign the contract, they are made aware of the money deal. He has had to lie to the public about how he broke his leg to save face for a program. 

They can’t say anything. They have to swallow their words, put on a flashy act for the public, and deal with the internal systems of the k-pop industry. EXO Lay has said this isn’t what he expected. Kris left under cruel and unfair treatment. The 9muses documentary showed us angering treatment toward the girls. Finally, someone is actually taking a direct, public stand.

From his latest tweet, he has come back now, and while I’m not sure of the correct translation, it seems he is winning, perhaps got the company under ZE:A? Please just make yourself aware, get #standbyzea trending, and celebrate your idols’ birthday while rooting for ZE:A :)

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Anonymous: i sleep with my bra on because it's make me more comfortable and mine aren't small for 17 years old and i hate them you can see everyone looks at you i wish i had small ones , oh and this is not the same anon :)

that makes sense too lol i guess everyone has their own preference i just feel so restricted when i wear a bra to sleep and no one sees me since i have my own room so why not 

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Anonymous: i dont know my dad wakes me up in the morning so i'd feel awkward if i didn't lol... but i do sleep without pants sometimes!! not anymore tho :x too many stretch marks ;_;

that makes sense then lol i would feel awkward too. i remember once i fell asleep with jeans on and i woke up and had bruises everywhere from the buttons and stuff it was so weird.

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Anonymous: wait........ people sleep without bras on? o_o i always keep mine on....

do you really omg i dont know how you can do that that’s so uncomfortable for me

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hunters of jessica
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