make your tumblr the best space for you

you are not on this site to please others or cater to things that upset you

surround yourself only with the things you want to see

your dash should lift your spirits, make you think and smile

if it doesn’t, don’t feel bad about unfollowing or doing whatever you need to do that is right for you

first and foremost, ensure that tumblr is a safe, fun space for you

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forever nine. #staystrongsnsd (insp.)
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“They say if you fall, someone who loves you will lend a hand for you, I have 8 pairs of hands always ready to hold me back up when I stumble.”
— Jessica Jung (via icepearls)
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This is an intimate photo of Girls’ Generation taken just five minutes before they made history.Five minutes before they had just one take to perform on The Late Show with David Letterman.Thank you for sharing this, Sim Jaewon. Soshibond ftw
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BREAKING: SM Entertainment announces Jessica will no longer be part of Girls’ Generation



Earlier today, Jessica made a post on her Weibo revealing that she was being kicked out of Girls’ Generation. Now, SM Entertainment has released a statement on the matter. 

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Anonymous: that picture of jessica leaving the sm building was from april. please spread the word.


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